About Us

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Axcel Cleaning Specialists help clients to source legal, local & PR part-time cleaners for all houses and offices. We cater long, short-term, ad-hoc, pre move-in, post move-out or spring cleaning services to suit all our clients' individual needs. Unlike other agencies, we serve clients personally and take extra effort to check with all our clients on our cleaning services (e.g. cleaners' attendance & areas to improve) and we also do counselling if necessary. We stress on good harmonious relationships with all our clients.

Why Hire Part Time Cleaner ?

Living in quick paced Singapore, individuals are constantly strapped for time and an additional pair of hands is constantly refreshing. To meet the requests and keep up a wanted way of life, certain parts of our regular life frequently gets ignored, among which is house errands. A large portion of us are blameworthy of pushing housework to be handled throughout the weekend. This can get disappointing after some time as valuable weekend hours are squandered away doing ordinary undertakings. Please allow us to provide you a professional part time cleaner or part time cleaners for your home or offices.

Part Time Cleaners Duties Include:

  • Vaccuuming & Mopping all floors (no squatting)
  • Wiping all surfaces
  • Ironing (Max 10 to 15 pieces), no bedsheets
  • Drying of laundry (after client machine washed, no hand laundry)
  • Changing of bedsheets periodically
  • Cleaning of Windows periodically (No exterior cleaning, for safety purposes)
  • Toilet washing & scrubbing
  • Washing dishes (client have to pre-soak with hot water & detergent for minimum of 3 hours)
  • Cleaning of fans/lights (avoid high ceiling fans/lights, for safety purposes)
  • Cleaning of gas stove
  • Other errands